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Transform your life by learning to Communicate and Lead effectively

Communication is an art which can be developed with awareness and practice. It’s a vital part of our daily routines. Experts tell us that 70–80 percent of our working time is spent in some kind of communication. A key to success in today's fast paced environment is effective communication; for both - companies and individuals. We at LeapTDC, in collaboration with TAP International Institute will help you to develop the communication skills.

The course pattern is designed for those individuals who want to achieve big in life.
There are various reasons for a non-progressive life, but this module will firstly help you identify those and secondly to overcome in the most effective way.

We have gained expertise in the field of training and development with excellent result-oriented programs full of real-life practice sessions, which gives participants to take back the maximum benefit with minimum investment of time.
It´s time to take control of your life an experience immediate result.

Two-day powerful Workshop on Human Communication and Leadership Skills
Learn and Experience Critical Human Skills for Public and Private success

Module Title

Learning Outcomes

 Communication skills

  1. Public speaking and presentation skill
  • Public speaking
  • Structure and content of short and long talks
  • Body language and powerful delivery
  • Preparation and overcoming stage fright
    • Presentation skills
  • Using White board and PowerPoint (PPT)
  • Critical aspects of preparing PPT slides
    • Four steps of handling questions during or after a presentation
    • Learn basics of audio visual equipment
  • LCD, mixer, amplifier, mikes
  1. One to one communication
  2. >
      • Body language and listening skills
      • Truly understanding; also listening to what they are ‘not saying’
      • Identifying and responding to feelings
      • Building and strengthening personal and business relationships
    1. Group discussions and meetings
      • Roles played in GDs; what’s positive, what to avoid
      • Evaluating group discussions (GD)
      • Preparing for and conducting effective meetings
      • Special skills in Teleconferences and Webinars
      • Follow up after meetings – to achieve the objectives
    1. Written communication
      • Fundamentals of letters and reports,
      • SMS and E-mails (focus on how to avoid critical errors)



    1. Traditional values and modern paradigms of leadership
    2. Different leadership styles and how to adapt
    3. Level five leadership
    4. Conflict resolution
    5. Decision making
    6. Negotiation skills
    7. Building a productive and happy team


    • Multiple levels of intelligence and finding your level
    • Developing emotional competence; enhancing emotional quotient
    • Improving human relations: personal and business
    • Finally…balancing success and happines


Communicate clearly with passion and purpose
Self-confidence to achieve the success
Be prepared for leadership roles
Insights to balance your personal and work life to be successful and happy.



 Who can attend?


Dr. Denis Xavier MD
Dr. Denis Xavier is a Learning Facilitator in communication and leadership. Having trained himself at a young age, he has now trained thousands of people for about 15 years across globe. Recently he delivered a speech in Oxford University, London.
A passionate public speaker, training in this area came naturally to him. His sessions are interactive, informative and humorous. He believes in the untapped human potential and also that success and happiness largely depends on how we communicate.
His powerful experiential workshops enable participants to communicate with passion and purpose. This enables them to realize their true potential, and achieve success and happiness.
By profession he is a medical doctor, professor and researcher in heart disease and strokes. He has traveled to 32 countries and participated in hundreds of conferences. He lectured extensively on his subject, presented his research at several global platforms and published in leading medical journals of the world. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and two daughters.

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